A systemic fungicide of preventive, protective and curative action against leaf form of apple scab.

Active ingredient:

cyprodinil, 750 g/kg


water dispersible granules


1 kg

Mode of action:

cyprodinil stops amino acid biosynthesis. It does not effect on the biosynthesis of ergosterol. Cyprodinil disturbs fungi life cycle, mainly during the penetration and growth of mycelium in plant tissues.


CropDiseaseDose rate, kg/haMethods and terms of applicationTime / number of treatments
Apple treeApple scab,(Venturia inaequalis)0,25 – 0,30 Spraying during the vegetation period30/ (2-3)
Monilia or fruit rot,(Monilia fructigena)0,35 – 0,40


The product is compatible in tank mixtures with most of fungicides, which are used to control diseases of apple trees (based on triazoles: difenoconazole, penconazole).


Atlet 75 WG provides a good start to the growing season, keeping leaves healthy, the product is absolutely safe for the plant, and has no negative impact on the environment.

Atlet 75 WG – a systemic fungicide with preventive and long lasting curative effect; It is highly effective against the pathogen of leaf form of apple scab.

The best effect is achieved by conducting early spring treatments, starting with the phase of green cone and before flowering. Thus there is a clear advantage of the fungicide in comparison with common products.

Low temperatures during spraying or on following days do not affect the effectiveness of the fungicide Atlet 75 WG.

Extensive testing of all major apple varieties showed high efficiency against monilia, that provides high-quality fruit.

The period of the protective effect of the product 7-10 days, even in difficult weather conditions.


  • the high leaves’ protection at any infectious load even at low temperatures;
  • new active ingredient – it is an antiresistant decision;
  • fast absorption by the plant – it is not washed off by rain;
  • systemic, protective and therapeutic effect;
  • dose rate in 25-250 times less than in the traditional contact products;
  • no phytotoxicity;
  • easy formulation and packaging.