Selective systemic herbicide to control annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds in the sowings of winter and spring rape.

Active ingredient:

clopyralid 267 g/l + picloram, 67 g/l


water solution


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

clopyralid and picloram are easily absorbed by leaves and spread rapidly throughout the plant to the growth point, including the root system. Both active ingredients are synthetic forms of growth hormones. The application result in the substitution and blocking of functions of natural hormones of sensitive plants that are dying due to violation of the growth processes.


Crop Dose rate, l/ha Weed Terms of application
Winter and spring rape  0,3-0,35  Annual weeds In the phase of 2-6 leaves
Perennial offset weeds In the phase of rosette


In case of following the optimal terms and time of applying Istilike 334 SL can be used in such tank-mixtures:

• Istilike 334 SL 0,35 l/ha + Superkill 440 EC 1,0 l/ha (to control ceutorrhynchid beetle and other pests);

• Istilike 334 SL 0,35 l/ha + Baccard 125 EC 0,7 l/ha (to control annual grass weeds);

• Istilike 334 SL 0,35 l/ha + Baccard 125 EC 1,0 l/ha (in case of couch grass infestation of sowings).

The tank-mixture of Istilike 334 SL and graminicide Baccard 125 EC increases the effectiveness against Mari white, redroot amaranth, and other weeds.

It is not recommended to mix Istilike 334 SL with growth regulators!


  • The maximum effect is achieved by treatment of young, actively growing weeds. It is recommended to use the product when the average daily temperature exceeds 8˚C.
  • Do not carry out the treatment before freezing or immediately after the frost. Rain in 1-2 hours after the treatment has no impact on its effectiveness.
  • Istilike 334 SL successfully solves the problem of controlling the goose grass – one of the most problem weeds in the sowings of rape. Maximum effect of the product ensures at a height of the weed up to 8 cm. When the height of the weed is 9-15 cm the product inhibits the growth and development of the galium, which remains in the lower layer of crop, does not form seeds, and does not make a threat for the yield and a quality of rapeseed.
  • Istilike 334 SL should be applied at a dose rate 0.3-0.35 l/ha. The consumption of the working solution: 150-400 l/ha, the maximum dose rate of the working solution should be applied at very dense sowings, as well as in the later phases of the development of the crop in order to achieve a good coverage of the leaf surface of the weeds.


  • compares favorably with the wide range of possible terms of application;
  • successfully solves the problem of controlling a wide range of weeds;
  • precipitation in 1-2 hours after the treatment has no impact on the effectiveness.


Goose grass (Turiţă agăţătoare), Chamomile species (Muşeţel), Canada thistle (Pălămidă de cîmp), Sunflower (self-seeding) (Floarea soarelui), Burnweed (Cornuţi), Ragweed (Ambrozia pelinifolie), Thorn apple (Laurul porcesc), China jute (Teişorul), Morel (Zărnă neagră), Field camomile (Romaniţă de cămp), Lambsquarter goosefoot (Lobodă albă), Annual thistle (Susai legumicol), Perennial sow thistle (Susai-de-câmp), Bagged sailor (Albâstriţa comună), Buckwheat species (Poligonum spp), Amaranth (Ştir).