Growth regulator in the sowings of sunflower and soy.

Active ingredient:

auxins 11 mg/l and cytokinins 0.03 mg/l


water solution


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

gives a powerful push to the growth of the root system of the plant.


Crop Dose rate, l/haTerms of applicationNumber of treatments
Sunflower2,0-2,5Two treatments: I – in the phase of 4-6 leaves of the culture; II – on the 14th day after the first treatment -/2
Soy3,5-4,0 + 2,0-2,5Two treatments: I – in the phase of 3-5 leaves of the culture – 3,5-4,0 l /ha; II – on the 14th day after the first treatment (before the flowering) – 2,0-2,5 l/ha -/2


Check the products for compatibility in each case.


  • it is better to apply the product at early stages of a development of culture Do not apply to non-perennial crops after flowering;
  • it is recommended to use concentration from 1% to 5% when the roots are soaked;
  • dose rate of a working fluid for ground spraying is 250-300 liters per hectare;
  • the minimum effective dose is not less than 2 liters per hectare;
  • the interval between applications must be at least 14 days pH of the tank mixture must be no more than 7 (alkaline pH reduces the effectiveness of auxin and loses a part of its properties while turning into weak acid);
  • after opening, the product should be stored for 15 days at the temperature no more than +15°C as it loses its properties when it stays open for a long time.


  • more developed root system means more moisture and nutrients that plants absorbs, greater resistance to drought and bad weather conditions and a better recovery after the herbicides treatment.
  • increasing of yield.
  • completely safe for humans and the environment.