A phosphoric acid ester (a group of organophosphorus compound), of systemic and contact action.

Active ingredient:

dimethoate, 400 g/l


emulsifiable concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

the product is absorbed by leaves and other green parts of the plant and spreads rapidly (primarily in the acropetally direction – to the top), thus it protects against harmful insects the new growing parts of the plant as well. Primarily the product has an immediate effect on pests during the direct contact; also it enters inside the organism of the insect through the bowel during feeding.


Crop Dose rate, l/ha Pest Terms of application Safety period / number of treatments
Apple 2,0 – 2,5 Apple-blossom weevil (Anthonomus pomorum), Apple sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea), Apple worm (Cydia pomonella), Tube-builder (Tortricidae), Aphid (Aphididae) Spraying during the vegetation period  40 / 2-3
Plum 2,0 Plum worm (Cydia funebrana) 40 / 2


Compatible in tank mixtures with most of insecticides, fungicides and treaters which are used in the same period of applying, except alkaline and sulfur-containing products.


It is used against such pests as:

• Leaf-eating insects: fleas and beet chips, grain beetle, cutworms, cereal flies;

• Damaging the flowers and inflorescences: blossom weevel, spruce budworms, weevils;

• Damaging the fruits: columbine borers, parlatoria, seedworm;

• Sucking insects: aphid.


  • it is notable for a good biological effectiveness against ticks;
  • long protective effect – up to 15 days depending on weather conditions, crops and dose rates;
  • low cost of treatment provides economically advantageous protection, which solves the problems better than any analog;
  • it has a very important property for the republic of Moldova, namely efficiency in a wide range of temperatures;
  • it is well tolerated by crops when used in dose rates recommended by the manufacturer;
  • is not phytotoxic.