Local systemic fungicide with a strong protective, preventive and curative action, has the effect of eradicating.

Active ingredient:

cymoxanil, 500 g/kg


wettable powder


1 kg

Mode of action:

curative and preventive action, inhibits mycelium growth and sporulation.


CropDose rate, kg/haDiseaseTerms of applicationSafety period / Number of treatments
Potato0,5Late blight or brown rot (Phytophthora infestans), potato blight (Alternaria solani)Spraying during the vegetation period  21 / 2-3
Grape0,3 – 0,5Mildew (false mildew) of vineyards (Plasmopara viticola).21 / 3
Tomato0,5Late blight or brown rot (Phytophthora infestans), Alternaria blight (Alternaria solani).21 / 3


Check the products for compatibility in each case.


Grape: Presto 50 WP is most effective when applied prophylactically prior to infecting or after a maximum of 1-2 days after infecting. The use of the product for the first treatments is especially effective. Under normal weather conditions, it is recommended to apply Presto 50 WP with an interval of 10-12 days. In rainy conditions, especially in the period of intensive growth, when the risk of infecting is particularly high, the interval between treatments is recommended to be reduced to 7-8 days. The dose rates of the working solution and hectare dose depend on the phase of development of a crop and the degree of development of the disease. Minimum doses are used at low infectious background, and at the beginning of the vegetation period, the maximum – with the full development of the leaf surface or a highly infectious background. Treatments are most effective in the early vegetation period as well as the first signs of the disease. In order to achieve better control, the interval between treatments should not exceed 7-14 days in tank mixtures with contact fungicides (mancozeb, copper-containing products).

Potato: Correct program of treatments with fungicides to protect potatoes from late blight and blight – is the basis of a high-quality potato yield. The first treatments are especially important, as mistakes made at this time, are very difficult to be eliminated by further treatments.


The first field treatments must ensure:

  • protection of the surface of potato plant from outside infection (penetrating in the stem and leaves of zoospores);
  • elimination of sources of infection on the surface of the soil;
  • curative effect in plants against the inside hidden (usually stem) infection.