Highly selective postemergence herbicide for destroying of persistent cereal and some annual dicotyledonous weeds in sowings of corn for grain and silage.

Active ingredient:

nicosulfuron, 750 g/kg


water dispersible granules


0,1 kg

Mode of action:

nicosulfuron is absorbed by leaves and stems of the weeds, quickly transfers to their root systems, inhibits the cells division by blocking of the synthesis of main amino acids, what result in the termination of the weeds growth.


CropDose rate, g/haWeedTerms of applicationNumber of treatments
Corn60-80Annual and perennial monocotyledonous and some dicotyledonous weedsSpraying in phase of 3-6 leaves1


The product can be used in combination with herbicides based on sulphonylurea and dicamba.


  • the product is used in active vegetative weeds at the temperature 15°C – +25°C.
  • maximum efficiency is achieved if the product is applied in the phase of 2-4 leaves of the annual broad-leaved weeds, in 3-6 leaves of grass weeds, and at the height of 20-30 cm of perennial grass weeds.
  • the product inhibits the development of perennial weeds (thistle, corn bindweed), if it is applied in the phase of rosette of thistle (rosette diameter is 5.8 cm) and at length of the shoots of bindweed not more than 10-15 cm.
  • spraying of the corn sowings is carried out in the phase of 3-8 leaves of the crop and at early phases of the weeds growth in a mixture with SAM Link 90 at the dose rate of 200 ml/ha, 1 treatment per season. The dose rate of the working solution is 200-400 l/ha.
  • ideal conditions for the treatment is the temperature + 15°C …+ 25°C (stop the treatment in 3 hours before the temperature is +25°C), at optimum soil moisture and air humidity.
  • it is not recommended to apply the product in cold or hot weather, in waterlogged conditions, and if the crop is under stress.
  • iIt is not recommended to carry out inter-row cultivation during 7 days before or after the treatment with the product.


  • acts against weeds that sprout from both the seeds and from rootstocks;
  • protection period up to 45 days;
  • short half-life period, after maize harvest any following rotation crops can be sown;
  • penetrates into the weeds both through leaves and stems;
  • rain in 4 hours after spraying do not reduce the herbicide effectiveness;
  • possibility to use in a wide range of phases of corn development – from 4 to 8 leaves.


Sensitive species: bastard oat (Ovăzul Ludovis), old-witch grass (Mei mărut cu perișori), barnyard grass (Iarbă bărboasă), bristlegrass (Mohor), couch grass (Pirul târâtor), Cuba grass (Iarba-lui-Djonson).

Moderately-sensitive species: canada thistle (Pălămidă-de-cîmp), Perennial sow thistle (Susai-de-cîmp), Persicaria (Troscotul comun), Lesser bindweed (Volbură-de-cîmp), Goose grass (Turiță agățătoare), Purslane (Iarbă grasă).