Universal fungicide of contact action for preventive use, highly effective against many fungal diseases of fruit crops and grape.

Active ingredient:

dithianon, 700 g/kg


water dispersible granules


1 kg

Mode of action:

after the treatment with the product, a humidity resistant protective layer develops on the surface of the plant, this layer effectively inhibits the germination of spores and sporulation pathogens.


CropDose rate, kg/haDiseaseTerms of applicationSafety period/number of treatments
Apple1,0Apple scab (Venturia inaequalis)Spraying during the vegetation period30 / 2-3  
Grape0,75 – 1,0Mildew (false mildew)(Plasmopara viticola)


Sprinter WG can be used in tank-mixture with the majority of powder and liquid products – organic insecticides and fungicides. The product is not compatible with alkaline compounds, products containing sulfur, as well as oil-containing products.


Apple: The best time to use the product against apple scab – is spraying before and after flowering in combination with systemic products, as this period is essential for plant infection by a fungal diseases. Consecutive and regular treatments with an interval of 8-10 days show consistent high efficiency. The action of the product appears in 48 hours after the treatment.

Grape: It is advisable to carry out sprayings with systemic fungicides before and after flowering of vineyards. Later, ensure the alternation with products of contact action. The intervals between sprayings and number of treatments depend on the duration of protective action of fungicides and meteorological conditions that determine the nature and intensity of downy mildew. Remember that at the epiphytotic development of the disease reduces the term of fungicides protective effect on 3-4 days. Good adhesiveness and a high proportion of re-distribution of the fungicide Sprinter WG provide protection of grapevine against mildew in wet weather conditions.


  • high and stable efficiency;
  • good adhesiveness and washout resistance allows to use the product in rainy conditions;
  • a high proportion of redistribution – protection of leaf growth;
  • is well tolerated by the crop even after repeated treatments (is not phytotoxic);
  • does not penetrate into the fruit through the peeling;
  • active ingredient – dithianon – affects on several enzymes of the fungus, due to this fact the resistance of pathogens to dithianon is almost impossible;
  • is not dangerous for bees;
  • good efficacy for prevention of rubella and black spot on grapes;
  • treatments of bruised fruit show good results.