Contact-intestinal insecticide to combat a wide range of gnawing and sucking pests of fruit crops. Effective against larvae and adult pests.

Active ingredient:

zeta cypermethrin, 100 g/l


emulsion concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

Acts on the nervous system of insects, violates the permeability of cell membranes, blocks sodium channels. The presence in the active substance of zeta cypermethrin of seven active stereoisomers, each of which suppresses a certain receptor site of insects, can effectively combat a wide range of pests – from aphids to locusts.

Field of usage

CropDose rate, L/haPestTerms of applicationNumber of treatments
Apple0,4 – 0,5Apple worm, tortrixTreat swollen and blooming buds (green cone). Subsequent treatments should be carried out before flowering and after flowering during the growing season2 – 3
Plum0,3 – 0,4Plum fruit moth, plum borerTreating before flowering and after flowering during the growing season2 – 3


It is compatible with most pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, growth regulators), except for strongly alkaline ones, however, in each case, a compatibility test should be done.


The insecticide can not be used on hot days (with temperatures above + 22 ° C). It is most effective to spray the drug in the evening or morning hours. Dangerous to bees, dangerous to fish, avoid getting into water bodies. Conditions for the use of the drug: from + 15º C to + 22º C.


  • high toxicity rate;
  • high biological efficiency at low application rates due to the most active cypermethrin isomer;
  • effective in controlling insects resistant to organophosphorus compounds;
  • approved for use in private household plots and for aircraft treatments;
  • practically odorless, does not contain organic solvents, is non-combustible, and does not have volatility.