A binary systemic fungicide with a high penetrating ability and a long-term period of protection of cereals, soybean, rapeseed and sugar beet from a variety of diseases.

Active ingredient:

propiconazole, 300 g/l + tebuconazole, 200 g/l


emulsifiable concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

propiconazole and tebuconazole are retarders of the process of ergosterol biosynthesis in the membranes of phytopathogen cells. As a result, the walls of the pathogen cells are destroyed, the growth of the mycelium stops and then it dies. Propiconazole penetrates the plant through the leaves and stems, moving along the tissues to the site of infection localization acropeately, eradicating the disease by inhibiting the biosynthesis of ergosterols and demethylation of steroids, leading to a disruption of the biosynthesis of cell membranes in pathogenic fungi. The product has a long protective, treating and exterminating effect on the pathogens of the disease, stops their further development and suppresses their sporulation.


Crop Pest Dose rate, l/ha Waiting period/number pf treatment Method, terms of treatment
Winter wheat Mildew, rust, Septoria disease, Cercosporella spot 0,3-0,4 38/1-2 Spraying during vegetation
Winter barley Mildew, rust, leaf spot, Septoria disease 0,3-0,4 38/1-2 Spraying during vegetation
Soybean Mildew, anthracnose, rust 0,4-0,6 38/1-2 Spraying during vegetation
Rape Alternaria blight, mildew, sclerotinia, phomosis 0,4-0,6 40/1-2 On spring rape it is used during the vegetation period when there is appearance of the symptoms of one of the diseases in the phase, stretching the stems. On winter rape two treatments are carried out during vegetation: in autumn – in the phase of 6-8 leaves of the crop and in the spring during vegetation, when there is appearance of signs of one of the diseases in the phases of stretching the stems
Sugarbeet Mildew, cercosporosis 0,4-0,6 30/1-2 Spraying during vegetation: the first – with the appearance of the first signs of one of the diseases, the second – 10-14 days (if necessary)



Stayer 500 EC is incompatible with substances with severe alkaline or acidic reactions. The product should be used in conjunction with other substances. Prior to use it is necessary to check tank mixture for interaction and study the instructions for each product for compatibility.


The rate of penetration and the duration of the systemic action of the product is determined by the high activity of tebuconazole. A few hours after the application of Stayer 500 EC, there is a significant improvement in the phytosanitary status of plants. Possessing excellent rain resistance, the fungicide guarantees reliable protection even in the event of precipitation after application.


high penetrating effect;

• rate of fungicide action;

• has a preventive and curative effect, stopping the disease in the early phase;

• long-term protection period;