Systemic non-selective herbicide with eradicate action based on glyphosate. Effectively controls harmful perennial rhizomatous and offset weeds, annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, and unwanted trees and shrubs.

Active ingredient:

glyphosate, 480 g/l


soluble concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

Superklin 480 SL penetrates inside the plant through the leaves and green shoots, spreads over the aboveground part and root system, causing mass dying-off of growing points. In the cells of the actively dividing tissues glyphosate blocks protein synthesis, in particular the formation of essential amino acids (phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan).


CropDose rate, l/haWeedTerms of applicationNumber of treatments
Fields after harvesting 2,0 – 4,0Mono- and dicotyledonous annual weedsSpraying in the period of intensive weeds growth, in autumn after harvesting  -/1 
5,0 – 6,0Mono- and dicotyledonous annual and perennial weeds
  • Fields for sowing of sunflower, rape, alfalfa, corn, sugar beets, potato, cereals, soybean, vegetable, cereals grasses for seeds, up to 2 weeks before sowings: 1.5 – 6 l/ha;
  • non-agricultural lands (tracksides along power lines, gas and oil pipelines, roadsides, railway embankments): 3 – 6 l/ha;
  • as a desiccant for rapeseeds, cereals and sunflower crops before harvest (2 weeks before harvest): 3 l/ha;
  • planting of the perennial crops – apple tree and vine: 3 – 6 l/ha.


Superklin 480 SL is compatible with 2,4 D herbicides. Check the products for compatibility in each case.


This product is the most efficient in the treatment of young, actively growing and well-leafy plants, capable to absorb the largest possible amount of the herbicide that reaches all growing-points. Visual effects (color change or yellowing of leaves) are visible on 5-7th day after the treatment in annual weeds, on 10-14th day in rhizomatous and offset perennial weeds, on 20-30th day in trees and bushes. Their total death occurs within the period that twice exceeds the abovementioned period. The higher is the soil moisture and the optimum is a temperature at this time, the faster the product effect is observed.

Important restrictions of using the product – it is not allowed to treat:

  • in case of stress weather conditions (drought, heat, frost), when the weeds growth is suspended or there are visible signs of aging;
  • immediately after the cultivation, when the herbicide can not penetrate to the root points of growth (especially for rhizomatous and offset weeds);
  • if you expect a rain or a heavy dew in 5-6 hours after the treatment, when the herbicide may be washed out from the surface of the plant;
  • if you use dirty water which contains soil particles or clays which can absorb (divulge) some part of active ingredient from the tank mixture;
  • when the plants are covered with dust or dirt, for the same reason;
  • during strong wind if there is a danger of demolition of the sprayed product on the neighboring crops.


Effectively controls harmful perennial rhizomatous and offset weeds, annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, and unwanted trees and shrubs.