VAMP 200 WP*

A broad-spectrum systemic insecticide for the control of sucking insects, including aphids, larvae, leaf moth, fruit moth, whitefly, termites, and some species of beetles, such as the Colorado beetle.

Active ingredient:

acetamiprid, 200 g/kg


wettable powder


1 kg

Mode of action:

Vamp 200 WP is characterized by good systemic and translaminar actions, due to which it is absorbed by the plant and spreads by the vascular system throughout its parts. As a result, the effect of the application manifests itself in the untreated parts of the plant. Pests die from both direct contact with the product and from eating the treated plants.

Field of usage

Application of during the growing season:

CropDose rate, kg/haPestTerms of applicationNumber of treatments
Apple0.2Codling moth, tortrix moth, apple aphid, miner mothSpraying during the growing season45 (2)
Winter wheat*0,1-0,12Shield-backed bugs, wheat thrips, aphid30 (2)
Rape*0,1-0,12Rape beetle, cabbage seedpod weevil, blossom beetle, blue flea, aphid30 (2)

Presowing seed treatment:

CropDose rate, kg/tPestNumber of treatments
Wheat*0,7-0,9Click beetles, bread fleas, stem flies, corn ground beetleseed treatment 1-3 days before sowing
Sunflower*8,0-10,0Click beetles, false wireworms

Click beetles, false wireworms,weevils

*in the process of registration.


Compatible with most pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, growth regulators), except for strongly alkaline, but in each case it is necessary to make a test for compatibility.


The product is used to treat plants during the growing season when pests appear, using equipment for spraying of all types;
Depending on the sprayer and the specific crop, the amount of product per hectare may vary. The consumption rate of the working solution: field crops – 200 – 400 l / ha, gardens – 800 1000 l / ha. Do not spray when the wind speed is more than 3-4 m / s.


  • thanks to the new mechanism of action does not show resistance;
  • low application rate;
  • high biological activity regardless of temperature;
  • the result of the drug is noticeable within an hour after spraying;
  • term of neutralizing action up to 3 weeks on adult insects, larvae and eggs;
  • safe for bees and bumblebees, can be used during the flowering period;
  • highly effective against insects with hidden stages of development (miners, thrips, and others).