Systemic contact insecticide of a wide spectrum of action at all life stages from larva to imago.

Active ingredient:

acetamiprid, 115 g/l + lambda-cyhalothrin, 106 g/l


suspension concentrate


1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 20 L

Mode of action:

 Systemic insecticide with translaminar activity, contact-intestinal action.

Field of usage

Crop Dose rate, l/ha Pest Waiting period/ number of treatment
Wheat 0,1-0,2 Shield-backed bugs, leaf beetle, aphid, corn weevil, wheat thrips, flea Beetle, leafhopper, stem sawflies 2
Rape Rapeseed beetle, blue flea, brassica pod midge, bugs, aphid, sawfly, cabbage stem weevil
Apple 0,3-0,4 Aphids, summer fruit tortricid, apple red bug, lime leafminer
Plum Plum piercer, aphid, plum sawfly, plum leaf-curling midge

*in the process of registration.


The product is compatible with most pesticides and liquid fertilizers. However, in each separate case, a preliminary assessment of the compatibility of components in the tank mixture should be made. It is not recommended to use the product with sulfonilurea’s herbicides.


  • the product quickly penetrates the plant in a few hours;
  • evenly distributed over the tissues;
  • the death of pests occurs within 24 hours;
  • duration of protective action 14 -21 days;
  • it is better to use the product at temperatures from +10°С to +25°С.


  • destruction of all types of pests;
  • lightning effect on insects;
  • long period of protection;
  • toxic effect on larvae and imago;
  • high activity in hot weather.